Our Business

Pringle Textile expertise in used clothing business over 10 years.

Pringle Textile has presence in Canada, North America, India and Africa. Pringle Textile operates through its subsidiaries and associate companies world wide. Pringle Textile boast world wide clientele base. Pringle Textile has successful past of over 10 years

Why Us

Pringle Textile expertise in used clothing business over 10 years. We have required A Class infrastructure to undertake comprehensive sorting and grading activities at our plant. We offer complete used solution package to our customers

Pringle Textile believes in Quality and Customer Centric Approach and we back it by very high quality and efficient after sale service .

Pringle Textile takes complete responsibility for handling of all the logistics from booking the containers, loading of cargo into the containers, fumigation as per international standards and handling of inland transportation from our factory to the port.

Pringle Textile also take all responsibility for any quality and quantity during transportation.

We follow up with the shipping line ensuring the cargo is speedily loaded on to the vessel from load port as well as transit ports.


Studies show that billions of pounds of potentially recyclable used clothing and textiles are discarded. We work with thrift stores, charities, municipalities, recycling centers, schools, religious organizations, etc., in an effort to remove these recyclable materials from the waste stream. Most of these goods are shipped to developing nations with genuine needs that can only afford to purchase inexpensive recycled clothing. This is one of the few businesses in which everyone benefits throughout the process” We Pledge
Pringle Textile an established buyer and seller of used clothing. We work with sellers to purchase quality clothing. We are interested in working with organizations to build long-term relationships. Our focus on quality allows us to provide the best products at a competitive rate to our buyers.” We Certify


Pringle Textile plant is a highest standard plant with new age technologically drive equipments. The plant is located at Canton, Ohio, USA and has sound logistical support.

Our Team is experienced with progressive technological knowhow. Our clientle spread over Africa, South East Asia and North America..