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Pringle Sourcing Team goes through number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers to get best stuff at very very competative price..


This process leads to basic segregation of the mixed rags into about 19 different items namely Shirts, pants, blouses, skirts etc. These items are then sent to the next stage of the process which is the grading


The highlight of this section is that there are bins placed at each section according to the number of different categories that particular item has to be made into.


they are subjected to a final check up and their label put in and are sent to the bailing machines for compressed packing. The bales are normally pressed into standardized 45 kilo bales


The packed bales are dispatched to their respective destinations in high cube containers of 40 or 20 feet. These containers are booked through our forwarding agent or nominated directly by the customer.

After Sales

Pringle Textile belives in prompt After SalesTeam is ready to assist you for any information or help you may need: - For a personalized information - to order follow ups - to receive quality specifications

Quality Process

Quality Process blends the best technology to create innovative and efficient business technology solution. The desired result can be achieved when activities and related resources are managed in an organization as process.

Aim of process control in textile pretreatments is to maintain consistent uniform quality of the material in processes at various stages recycling.

Quality process checks texturing, Cleaning, packaging etc. Quality department not just check but also appraise quality of texturing process, Inspects machines, to meet company delivering standards.

Helping Your Business Get Back on its Feet

Pringle Textile expertise in used clothing business over 20 years. We have required A Class infrastructure to undertake comprehensive sorting and grading activities at our plant. We offer complete used solution package to our customers

Pringle Textile believes in Quality and Customer Centric Approach and we back it by very high quality and efficient after sale service .

Pringle Textile takes complete responsibility for handling of all the logistics from booking the containers, loading of cargo into the containers, fumigation as per international standards and handling of inland transportation from our factory to the port.

Pringle Textile also take all responsibility for any quality and quantity during transportation.

We follow up with the shipping line ensuring the cargo is speedily loaded on to the vessel from load port as well as transit ports.

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